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G3 Global MedTech is a consulting entity with over 30 years’ experience with innovative med-tech technologies.

Providing global sales, marketing, and business development results for small med-tech companies in need of bandwidth.

We understand the pain points of small companies to succeed internationally – lack of resources, established relationships, knowledge of multi-cultural dynamics, proven capabilities to navigate through the global market complexities.  We take the burden off, creating opportunities you did not know they existed, generating revenue growth, placing you at the forefront of your market segment and making you a leader in your field.

We thrive on driving adoption of novel technologies, designing and implementing international strategies – regulatory, distribution channels, sales growth, marketing programs – that meet clients’ specific needs – delivering measurable results- quickly.

Our Clients

Our clients are small med-tech companies with niche products, that provide true value-added benefits to patients, clinicians but their stories have not been clearly told and opportunities have not been fully uncovered yet – globally.

We pride ourselves on being the global business development arm for small companies, telling their unique technology stories, generating revenue growth through dedicated focus and relationship building.

Ginette Akoka

G3 Global MedTech Principal

Ginette is a strategic, versatile global business development professional with a proven ability to help start up medical device companies grow market awareness and sales revenues. She brings comprehensive commercialization and communication strategies, high commitment in ensuring her clients’ business goals are met and growing their technology value proposition. Ginette has over 30 years’ experience in the med tech sector, has worked for technology leaders, and brand companies. Ginette is multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural. Her global experience covers Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.

G3 Global MedTech Business Partners

Bring the most extensive experience with innovative technologies covering the full spectrum of therapeutic areas.
  • Branding

  • Clinical Research

  • Global Sales & Marketing

  • Communications

  • Public Relations

  • Distribution Partners

A proven track record of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Ginette Akoka is a true professional. I hired Ginette as an international marketing consultant due to her knowledge of the medical device industry, her marketing expertise, and her understanding of intercultural dynamics in the international market. Ginette not only delivered but surpassed my expectations! Her knowledge, expertise, thoroughness, fluency in multiple languages, and compassion make her a true professional that any medical device company would benefit from working with. Our international business grew dramatically as a direct result of her work. It was a pleasure to work with Ginette and I highly recommend her.
CEO, US, Small surgical manufacturer. In need of expansion in multi-specialties, development of distribution networks. Achieved significant growth and visibility.
I enlisted Ginette’s services to expand our start up European distribution network. Ginette was responsible for establishing initial contact and vetting distribution partners for the company’s technology solutions. She demonstrated diligence and great insight in conducting extensive searches, thereby generating significant interest from several valuable partners that led to a growing presence in Europe. Her strong multi-cultural, interpersonal skills greatly facilitated and solidified strong relationships. Ginette was a critical component in our global expansion and she is an invaluable resource for companies looking to expand their sales presence in Europe. 
VP, Sales & Marketing, US, Med-tech start up. In need of international bandwidth for expansion. Identified, established highly qualified partners in key markets, growing visibility and revenues.
Ginette is the most devoted person I have come to know. She makes business come true and she never misses an opportunity to make business. Ginette is phenomenal to encourage her distributors to make progress.
Distribution partner, Europe, A long-time, well-established N. European distribution partner of market leaders. Established and helped partner deliver significant successes in multiple markets.
Ginette’s motivation, support and constant attention were highly appreciated. Ginette’s great professional and interpersonal skills make her a very valuable person to any company she will choose to join. I highly recommend Ginette as a reliable partner for a successful international business.
Distribution partner, Europe, A newly established European distribution company. Established and helped partner generate significant sales successes through focused, market-tailored strategies.
Ginette is the best international business manager for any organization seeks for growth. Her communication skills and cultural understanding with multiple foreign languages are extremely high.
Distribution partner, Middle East, A long-time, well-established distribution partner in the Middle East. Helped grow successes and diversify presence in multiple surgical segments through multiple sales strategies and marketing tools.
Ginette has a passion and high motivation in building a new business plan with partners in a way that is easily understood and continually accompanies every process that occurs until the achievement of a common goal. I am happy to cooperate with her highly professional and dedicated. Thank you.
Distribution partner, Asia, A newly established distribution partner in Asia. Identified and established partner, and developed strategies, trainings tailored to market, company’s resources to succeed.
Ginette is such a delight to work with. She is very detail oriented, yet at the same time has the talent and experience to link domestic and international markets together broadly in order to see opportunities that others might not. She’s a real asset to any company.
Client, US, Leading OEM customer, player in the digital operating room space. In need of product marketing, sales tools to promote their high-end integrated technology solutions globally.
Ginette and I worked closely together, with her enjoying considerable latitude in developing the program to implement a strategic repositioning of the company. Ginette carefully benchmarked both our existing competitors and the companies with which we wished to be compared. Her selection of outside consultants for both the production of materials and the preparation of a publicity program proved both shrewd and effective. The product of her efforts has stood the test of time and is entirely to her credit. A very, very hard worker.
VP, Sales & Marketing, US, Sales & Marketing executive of leading manufacturer of integrated solution in the operating room space. Managed a total rebrand, placing company at new levels of global leadership.
Ginette’s ability to take highly technical engineering descriptions and work them into understandable marketing tools with innovative programs for sales development provided measurable results for our company. Ginette was the main conduit for outside consultants and service providers, which dramatically improved the corporate image and effectiveness of all marketing efforts. A tireless member of any marketing team.
Sales & Marketing Manager, US, Sales customer of med-tech company in the operating room integration space. Developed innovative marketing, sales development tools and programs for major OEM customers, taking sales to new successes.


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